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BECOME A WHOLESALE CLIENT - Bigger Discounts, enhanced customer experience, priority on orders, dedicated sales team and much more... Apply here!

Recycled Polyamide Tulle with Vegetable Dyes - 7 Colors Available


Fabric Made in Europe - Company Based in Spain

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Order Type: Meters
Color: Dusty Red ROBBIA
We Ship From Spain to European, North American, Oceania and Middle East markets.
  • 100% Recycled Polyamide.
  • Weight: 24 gr/m2
  • Width: 140 cm
  • M.O.Q: Minimum Order Quantity 6 meters.
  • More details about this product: Soft mesh made from recycled polyamide, from fishing nets, and pre-consumer fabric waste. Each color of this innovative collection comes from different plants to obtain a specific tone. No chemicals used in the production process. Perfect for dresses, skirts, tops and lingerie. 
  • Fabric is always in stock and re-orderable at any time. 
  • ROBBIA: Madder is an herbaceous perennial plant with long roots from which the dyeing pigment called Alizarin (Natural Red 8) is extracted. Since the Middle Ages and until the discovery of the synthetic Alizarin, Madder was one of the most important dyestuffs and, as such, widely grown and traded.
  • CASTAGNO: Chestnuts grow in the Mediterranean area and produce edible nuts rich in nutrients. The dyestuff is extracted from leaves, fruits, and husks. The wood is rich in tannin, which is also used in tanning hides.
  • CATECHU: Catechu is extracted from Acacia Catechu and its varieties, all belongings to the Pea family and growing in India, Myanmar, and Africa. Even after the development of synthetic dyes, this continues to be used.
  • CLOROFILLA: Clorophyllian Extract is a concentrated natural dye obtained from alfalfa, stinging nettles or from other edible plants.
  • LACCA: Improperly called rubber, it is obtained from the secretion of an insect (Tachardia Lacc Kerr.) that lives on the branches of various oriental trees, especially on Ficcus; the females cover the branch with a violet resinous secretion used since the past to dye in red - Purple.
  • NOCE GALLA: Sumac Gall is an abnormal growth caused by various insects of the Cynipidae family living on the trunks, leaves, or roots of certain plants, and Sumac is one of them. The galls contain gallic acid and tannins which are used in the production of inks and dyestuffs, and in tanning. 
  • RESEDA: An annual plant, belonging to the Resedaceae family, growing abundantly throughout Europe to heights of around a meter, all parts of the plant contain a substance called Lutein, which has been used since Roman times to produce an excellent solid yellow color.


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