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BECOME A WHOLESALE CLIENT - Bigger Discounts, enhanced customer experience, priority on orders, dedicated sales team and much more... Apply here!
BECOME A WHOLESALE CLIENT - Bigger Discounts, enhanced customer experience, priority on orders, dedicated sales team and much more... Apply here!


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Who are we?

ANDREA - CEO & Co-founder

He is in charge of coordinating the team's work. In his more than 20 years of experience in the textile industry, he has been able to develop close relationships with fabric suppliers. That's why we are able to sell high quality fabrics, with no minimum order quantity and at competitive prices.

ROXANA - Global sales manager

She's the one who helps our customers to find the right fabrics, responding their needs in each sourcing step.

ROXANA MARIA - Shipping and logistics manager

She's in charge of the team who ships our fabrics to our customers' doorsteps supervising the packing.

FLORENCIA - Graphic designer & Social Media

Our designer, always avidly looking for new trends to incorporate into the moodboards we send free of charge to our newsletter's subscribers.


Andrea, grew up in Italy in a textile entrepreneur's family. After working years in yarn product development, he started as sales manager for main European Markets (Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland). In 2005, Andrea moved to Spain and developed Spanish and Portuguese markets for WGSN (World trends forecaster leader). After leaving WGSN, he moved to a Portuguese textile company that produced fabrics and garments. He was assigned to develop an exportation department. Andrea decided to pursue his dream and start constructing a digital fabric sourcing and e-commerce that will disrupt, modernize and make the textile industry sourcing process more sustainable. In 2014 Andrea Launched the site sewwand.com, the first online fabric trade show, letting European textile professionals sourcing fabrics among thousands of fabric references from over 150 European manufacturers. At the beginning of 2019, Andrea created FabricSight.com, enhancing his dream, and creating an e-commerce, focused on small/medium brands, startups, ateliers, and professional creatives. FabricSight is revolutionizing the digital sourcing process in the industry, helping professionals who cannot travel in the new global environment/situation to find the best solution for each collection.


A very high-quality service: Service excellence is reflected in the exclusive and comprehensive service provided to each one of our customers. FabricSight wants to ensure that every customer receives the exact fabric he bought. Our Concierges serve each client individually and accompany the entire process from the choice to delivering the fabrics in his atelier so that he/she can execute the most beautiful of his collections. Global sustainability: FabricSight seeks new ways to mitigate waste, provide inclusion and strengthen the environment via its products and processes. Focusing on the sustainability tripod, FabricSight offers many fabrics made of natural fibers, ecological fibers, and certified organic blends. FabricSight "Waste Reduction Program" offers stocks of extraordinary remaining fabrics (surplus) from carefully chosen partners. This way, it encourages using "one of a kind fabrics" that have already generated their footprints and leads to the full use of productive efforts within the textile chain. Also, aiming to include independent designers and small brands, FabricSight offers its customers the possibility to buy accessible prices and the exact necessary quantity to develop their collections. That's why FabricSight brings an infinite number of products without MOQ or with very low MOQ. FabricSight believes that this way, it plays its role in the global market, executing its core business with high professionalism and serving the challenging fashion market concerning the environment and the communities connected to the textile market.

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