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Velvet Fabrics: Did Anyone Say Multipurpose?

Velvet Fabrics: Did Anyone Say Multipurpose?

What is velvet made of?

Velvet fabric can be made from different materials. Traditionally, it was made from silk, but today it is mostly made from less expensive materials like cotton, wool, linen, or polyester. Velvet can come in different forms like crushed velvet, embossed velvet, plain velvet, or stretch velvet.

How is velvet produced?

The word “velvet” is a reference to the way the fabric is made, from the Latin word villutus or, in English, shaggy cloth. Velvet fabric is characterized by the small piles of fabric that cover the surface of the fabric evenly.  Velvet is unique in the fact that it is not flat-woven or knitted like most other fabrics. Instead, the yarn from whatever material the velvet will be made out of is woven together between two layers of backing, which will eventually turn into two separate pieces of fabric. Afterward the two pieces are woven together, the two backings are cut down the middle, which separates the two and creates the upraised velvety look.

What kind of garments is velvet ideal for?

Velvet material has a beautiful drape, which makes it perfect for so many different types of projects.

Historically, velvet was associated with European royalty. Many kings and queens would have their robes, dresses, and tops made from silk velvet which had a soft, shimmering drape. Today,  velvet is well known as a great alternative for garments meant for special occasions such as evening wear and dresses, including wedding gowns.  

Yet, many designers do also incorporate velvet into their everyday items like shirts or even pants. Little kid accessories, like velvet bows and headwraps, are also becoming very popular.

However, the most popular velvet garment is the dress, which can be flowy or tight fitting.

velvet dress

Another great item usually made of velvet fabrics coming back in style from the past is the jumpsuit. These can be made with a wide-leg and slim bodice, or more tight fitting from top to bottom.

velvet jumpsuit

A great fall and winter velvet item is the jacket. Wool velvet is great for these, and can be made into the classic bomber jacket or a more fitted blazer.

velvet jacket

Velvet pants can be wide-legged or flared for the office, or made into a tighter legging for the fun night out.

velvet pants

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