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Striped Fabrics: Versatile and Classic

Striped Fabrics: Versatile and Classic

While striped clothing may have started with a negative association – as they were used in black and white striped prison uniforms – stripes have become a staple in fashion across the world. The classic blue and white striped shirting fabrics have nautical origins, as they were used first by fishermen and then became the official uniform for sailors in the French navy in 1858. Since then, stripes have become a part of everyday fashion - stripes of all different colors and sizes can be found to suit just about any style, and many designers incorporate stripes in some way into their collections.

What garments are perfect for striped fabrics?

A blue and white striped shirting fabric would be perfect for classic button-down shirts and shirtdresses. Using a striped cotton or cotton blend fabric like this one would be great for creating breathable and comfortable shirts and dresses, while maintaining that crisp look that is great for button-down shirts.
Organic Cotton Poplin Stripes

Just remember when sewing classic collared shirts that pressing well as you go and including edge stitching around your collar and plackets will help you get professional and beautiful results.   

Minimalist striped fabric with lots of white space is great for when you want an elegant touch. For example, a good mid to heavy weight cotton blend like this one would make a great cigarette trouser or a casual blazer.
Premium Striped Linen Cotton

A lightweight viscose blend with bold, widely spaced stripes like the one below will have a great drape that is perfect for blouses, dresses, and skirts that have a more flowy silhouette.
Viscose Cotton Shirting - Stripes and Lurex

While many striped fabrics tend to give a more classic and elegant feel, stripes can also be great when incorporated into casual looks! Lighter weight fabrics with wide, colored stripes really lend to a casual look. Even when sewn into a classic button-down shirt, a fabric like the one below would contribute to a relaxed feel, especially when paired with a casual bottom like jeans. Leaning into this relaxed style even more by adding casual design elements to your shirts and dresses such as short sleeves, rounded collars, curved hems, and pop-over plackets would really add a fun touch.
Striped Organic Cotton Poplin

Sewing with striped shirting fabrics: things to keep in mind

Most shirting fabrics are going to be either a cotton or linen blend because those natural fibers are breathable, comfortable to wear, and easy to care for. When sewing with either cotton or linen fabrics it is extremely important to pre-wash your fabric before cutting and sewing because it usually will shrink on the first wash. To pre-wash, simply wash and dry your fabric with the same heat settings you intend the finished garment to be washed with. In addition, pressing throughout the sewing process will help to maintain crisp and professional-looking seams – both cotton and linen can be pressed with high heat. Finally, when sewing with striped fabrics, always keep in mind the stripe placement on the garment. You want to make sure the placement of the stripes gives the look you’re going for and doesn’t look awkward! Also, if possible, matching up the stripes at the seams will give your garments an extra-special, high-end feel.  

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