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Houndstooth Fabrics: Always in Fashion

Houndstooth Fabrics: Always in Fashion

Houndstooth is one of the most iconic and recognizable patterns – it’s such a classic that it’s never out of fashion. It isn’t clear exactly when or where houndstooth originated, but the most common theory seems to be that it was worn by shepherds in the Scottish Lowlands in the 1800s. It is thought that it was used to indicate that the shepherds did not have an affiliation with any particular clan, allowing them to travel freely. However, it wasn’t until Christian Dior’s 1948 Haute Couture spring/summer collection, where this coat was a showstopper, that it became widely incorporated into popular fashion. Houndstooth fabric has been a staple in fashion ever since, incorporated into clothing, shoes, and accessories!

So, what is houndstooth fabric?

Technically, houndstooth is a pattern created during the weaving process of a fabric – it is a 2:2 twill weave in which four darker colored threads and four lighter colored threads are alternated. The colors that are combined during the weaving process can really affect the vibe of the resulting fabric. A striking black and white houndstooth fabric will give a classic, formal look; while a more understated look can be achieved when the 2 colors have a bit less contrast – such as in this gorgeous recycled wool boucle houndstooth. 

What garments are great for houndstooth fabric?

Traditionally, houndstooth fabric is widely used in outerwear – especially coats. A beautiful houndstooth wool fabric would be a great pick for adding a coat to your collection! This gorgeous recycled wool houndstooth jacquard would be amazing as an oversized coat – plus, recycled wool is an environmentally friendly option! A wool coat is a staple piece that will always be in fashion and can really tie a basic outfit together. 

A good houndstooth suit set is a real classic as well. But just because the silhouette and pattern are classic, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Check out this bright pink cotton blend houndstooth fabric! Can you imagine a blazer and slim pant set in pink houndstooth? It would really stand out – and in a good way!

Another way to stand out with houndstooth is to choose an abstract, oversized houndstooth print, such as this mid-weight jacquard. This oversized houndstooth-patterned fabric would make an awesome structured sheath dress or a lightweight pants and blazer set. Plus, the larger scale of the print will make the look a little extra-special and less traditional than a classic houndstooth.

Now if you’re really looking to go less traditional and more casual with houndstooth – try a button-up collared shirt made from houndstooth fabric. This mid-weight stretch poly-viscose houndstooth fabric would make a great button-up shirt that would be perfect dressed up with slacks or more casual with jeans. Because of the viscose component the fabric has a beautiful drape and feel that would lend itself well to a more casual shirt style. While a button-up shirt sewn from this fabric would be on the heavier side, it would look great worn open over a t-shirt or tank top – the perfect layering piece for fall or spring!

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