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BECOME A WHOLESALE CLIENT - Bigger Discounts, enhanced customer experience, priority on orders, dedicated sales team and much more... Apply here!

FabricSight's Environmental Savings

Every year, 75 millions of tons of textiles products are landfilled. For every kg of fabric, tons of water are used and dozens of kg of CO2 are emitted.

Since it’s foundation, FabricSight focused on sustainability of the textile industry.

By partnering with European mills, we sell sustainable-fibers-based fabrics, or "dead stocks", giving a second life to first quality fabrics that, otherwise, would be landfilled.

By focusing on dead stocks, we aim to avoid any extra environmental impacts, due to new fabrics production, offering to brands, designers and other textile professionals, some “first choice” and no-defect fabrics stocked in European mills. The idea is to give a second life to these fabrics and avoid new equivalent productions, if possible.

Based on this idea, we are proud to contribute to a more sustainable industry with our “Zero Waste” project. With the support of the University of Sao Paolo-Brazil, basing the calculations on the average measurements of dozens of case studies and sources, we created an advanced algorithm, which can calculate the environmental savings (CO2 emissions + water usage) for each meter of the different Dead Stock reference we sell.

The calculations/measurements are balanced on composition (% of each fiber) and fabric weight, giving a final real result of what would be the environmental impact of a new production of that fabric.

“If it has been produced already, why to produce more” is our Motto…

Analyzing the CO2 emissions related to each production steps, from fibers productions to garments, only the 9% are due to the garments assembling and distribution. This makes us believe that, if we, altogether, make an effort to be more sustainable in the fabric sourcing process, we can help the industry we love in a more sustainable reality.
This philosophy brought FabricSight to contribute to save during the 2021, counting the total meters of dead stock fabrics sold to more than 3.000 customers, a total of 2.786.400 liters of water and 23.306 kg of C02 which are equivalent to 194.139 Km driving a car.

Beyond dead stock fabrics, which are an amazing reality under each aspects above mentioned, being conscious on new-life fabrics is also our focus.

Fibers like Tencel, Organic Cotton or Cupro are sustainable options under the environmental impacts point of view:

These data show how sustainable fibers can positively impact on the sustainability of the industry even on new fabric productions.

Offering these sustainable fabrics in Stock service (reorderable at any time) without Minimum Order Quantities, we also pursue of “Zero Waste” goal, avoiding the customer to be obliged to buy more meters than they need.


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