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Cindy Janssens (Founder - HIPIC)

Cindy Janssens (Founder - HIPIC)

I'm Cindy Janssens from HIPIC (, a Belgian handmade women's brand.

I have been ordering the fabrics for HIPIC at FabricSight for several seasons by now.

What I like the most about FabricSight is that they think with me. I work with 90% ecological fabrics, and if there are new environmental fabrics in the product range, they send me an email or a message about it. 

That way, I'm always up to date, and that is nice. Sometimes I don't need to buy fabrics, but most of the time, I believe them. Searching for ecological materials is not easy, so this way is very comfortable for me. 

Also, the product range is enormous, and that's nice. And if they don't carry the right color I need, they try harder to help fulfill my needs.

What I like is the service they give. Always available when I need and help me at "meeting the experts" is way faster than searching for answers. 

Most of the time, I'm in touch with the same contact person, creating a bond. They are always helpful and friendly. Along this road, I want to thank FabricSight for all the excellent work and friendliness.

hipic_ecobrandCindy Janssens from @hipic_ecobrand


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