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Fabric Swatches: Why Are They Important?

Fabric Swatches: Why Are They Important?


Multiply tens of different types of fabric production processes, structures and compositions/materials by thousands of colors and patterns and you might agree that it’s safe to say that the variety of fabrics is never ending. There will always be a new pattern being drawn by someone somewhere. Moreover, change the slightest detail during a fabric’s production process and you might get an output quite different from what was ordered by the client. This may lead to the rejection of the produced fabric by said client and leave the mill with deadstock fabric. Deadstock fabric, in most cases, is perfectly fine fabric, just not in exact accordance with the order placed by the mill’s client. So if you take such mishaps into consideration, the infinite variety of fabrics really becomes a fact.

When sourcing for fabrics, it is extremely important to feel their texture, their drape and see their live colors, as the lighting on an image can be misleading. That’s where swatches come in.

What is a fabric swatch card?

A fabric swatch card is basically a common and simple way to keep a record of the materials that are available in a catalog. The necessary details of each fabric are written beside it for future reference. Here are some benefits of using fabric swatch cards:

  •         You can show/see several fabric options on a relatively small card
  •         Putting fabrics on display can get them damaged since they will be repeatedly touched. Fabric swatch cards prevent this from happening.
  •         You can have all the essential details written on the card, such as the name of the fabric, its color, code, composition, width, weight and care labels.

Why are swatches important?

Swatches are provided by fabric producers and retailers to their clients so that the latter can touch and feel the fabrics being offered and, by doing so, make an educated purchase decision according to what they have in mind for their next collection.

Therefore, fabric swatches are usually a necessary step towards placing a fabric order, unless it’s a recurring order of the very same fabric.

We at FabricSight have full confidence in the quality of the fabrics we sell and, therefore, we are happy to send our clients and potential clients swatches of up to 10 fabrics free of charge, only charging them for the shipping costs. 

Are you sourcing for fabrics? Then browse through our wide range of fabrics. When you find a fabric that seems right for the garment you are creating, you can add a free swatch of it to your cart. See a step by step demo in the video below.

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